Dentist Houston Benefits of Dental Implants

See how Our Dental Implants in Richmond Improve Your Smile

Dental implants are an excellent choice for any patient looking to restore their smile. If you have experienced tooth loss or severe dental decay, dental implants bring your beautiful and healthy smile back. Keep reading to learn why our Richmond Dental team recommends our dental implants for any patient looking to repair their smile.
Secure & Convenient
The biggest advantage of dental implants is the fact that they're a permanent solution to your smile. They become part of the structure of your face over time because they're surgically inserted into your gums. Using a titanium screw, dental implants are secured in place and you'll never have to worry about them being removed for any reason. Due to the biocompatibility of titanium, this screw fuses directly into the jawbone. This keeps your smile strong and secure in place. Other restorative options may require frequent maintenance or visits to our office for updates. Dental implants are durable and stain-resistant, so they hardly need any adjustments or replacements. Many dental implants last a lifetime if taken care of properly.
Natural Looking
Dental implants are completely natural looking and easily blend in with your smile. You customize the implant to match your natural teeth perfectly in color, shape, and size. Many patients report an improved self-esteem and a boost in confidence with their appearance when they get dental implants. This is because they're used to either perfectly match your smile or improve your smile altogether. Dental implants replace one or more teeth, and are incorporated with dental bridges if necessary. This gives patients the opportunity to get a complete smile makeover with the help of dental implants.
Restore Natural Function
Dental implants are by far the best option if you're looking to improve the overall function of your smile. After experiencing tooth loss, patients find it very difficult to chew and speak normally. Certain foods may even need to be eliminated from your diet because tooth loss makes it impossible to fully break them down. Because dental implants are secure in your mouth, they completely restore your ability to chew your favorite types of foods and pronounce any words in conversation with ease! 
Preserve Facial Structure
When we lose teeth, our jaw actually begins to recede. This is because there's nothing there for the bone to support. Healthy teeth also begin to shift because there's more space in the mouth. This changes your facial structure and leads to sagging in your face. Patients lose their youthful appearance because of the lack of support, which leads to oral health issues in the future. By taking the step to get dental implants early on after tooth loss, you'll preserve a healthy bone structure in your face. 
Easily Care for Your Smile
There is no question when it comes to dental implants and your oral health. Dental implants protect, preserve, and improve your oral health. Caring for your smile becomes easier when you get dental implants because they're just like your natural teeth. Other restorative options are difficult when it comes to care and maintenance, but dental implants provide a simple and easy experience. Brush and floss your implants just like your natural smile, and use fluoride to prevent the buildup of plaque. Our team checks on the progress of your implants when you come in for your regular cleanings every six months, so be sure to stay up-to-date on appointments.