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Transform Your Smile with Our Implant Dentistry in the 77042 Area


If you're missing one or multiple teeth, you may be afraid to share your smile with friends, family, and strangers due to low self-esteem and embarrassment. Thankfully, Richmond Dental has the right choice for you - dental implants.


This increasingly popular method of replacing missing teeth has transformed and restored millions of smiles all over the world, and you can be next! In this procedure, titanium acts as the root of your tooth and are surgically fused with your jawbone, acting as an anchor for the natural-looking false teeth placed on top. This service is not only for individual tooth replacement - there are more advanced options to replace multiple teeth, including as an alternative to dentures and partial dentures.


Read below to learn more about our implant dentistry in the 77042area here at Richmond Dental.


Advantages of Dental Implants


• NATURAL LOOKING: Our dental implants are made to look and feel just like your surrounding natural teeth. This permanent solution gives you the relief you've been looking for when it comes to your smile. When you smile with your dental implants, no one will be able to tell the difference between them and your natural smile!


• EASIER TIME EATING AND SPEAKING: If you've been utilizing dentures for your tooth/teeth replacement, issues can arise overtime. Poor-fitting dentures make things quite difficult, so your speech patterns may change, as well as your eating habits. If your dentures don't properly fit, your speech can be mumbled or slurred. You can have difficulty chewing and enjoying some of your favorite foods with uncomfortable, sliding dentures. With dental implants, those problems are completely gone! Because implants are just like your natural teeth, your speech habits remain the same as you get to enjoy your favorite meals again.


• IMPROVED ORAL HEALTH: When you're missing one or multiple teeth, your whole smile is thrown off - literally! Your teeth surround and support each other, so if there is even one missing, your teeth begin to shift to accommodate that missing space. Your dental alignment can change, which will put you at a higher risk for cavities, tooth decays, and other dental issues.


Types of Dental Implants


You'll have a consultation with Dr. Nguyen to discuss which type of implant dentistry in 77042 is best for your oral and dental health. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask - that's what we're here for!


ROOT FORM IMPLANT: This is the most common type of dental implant, where the titanium post (which acts as the root of your tooth) is placed into the your jaw. There'll be a crown, created to look like the rest of your surrounding teeth, screwed on top.


• PLATE FORM IMPLANT: A plate form implant has a flat and long shape, which is better suited for patients with a narrow jawbone.


• SUBPERIOSTEAL IMPLANT: In some cases where there isn't enough bone width or height for the root/plate form implant, Dr. Nguyen may prescribe a subperiosteal implant. If patients have suffered from bone loss due to periodontal disease, or another issue, this will be thoroughly discussed and explained. This type of implant is designed to sit on top of the bone, but secure underneah the gumline.


Interested in learning more about our available dental implants in  Richmond? Call Richmond Dental today at (713) 534-1724 and our front desk staff will assist you in scheduling a consultation with Dr. Nguyen. Start your smile transformation today!